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God takes his ball and goes home

Posted in religion with tags , , , , on March 3, 2009 by la tricoteuse

God, apparently a big ole whiner, says he let kids die because meaniepants liberals banned him from schools.

Really, God? Really?

Some of the best evidence that there is, in reality, no God: The apparent fact that he just doesn’t bat an eye when the people who are supposed to be on his side appear to be doing everything in their power to make him as unattractive as possible. Seriously, wouldn’t you be pissed off if your kids were constantly damaging your rep by telling everyone about your childish temper tantrums, insane jealousy about other deities, immature refusal to help out because you’re trying to make some lame point about people not inviting you to parties, etc? No one wants to worship a crybaby.

If I were GodDaddy I’d ground my ungrateful little follower-brats for life.

Worst. Deity. Ever.